Have you seen this senator lately?

Floridians are trying to find their US Senator, Marco Rubio, and what exactly it is he’s been doing that actually helps Floridians since taking office more than a decade ago.

February 21, 2018

is the last day Sen. Rubio held a public town hall meeting.

On The Issues that Matter Most to Floridians

Sen. Rubio doesn't seem to do much of anything...other than vote against Floridians' best interest.

$1,400 Stimulus checks

The American Rescue Plan, H.R. 1319

Raise Wages and Benefits

The PRO Act, H.R. 842

Child Tax Credit Monthly Payments

The American Rescue Plan, H.R. 1319

Build Infrastructure And Create Jobs

INVEST in America Act, H.R. 3684

Cut Social Security and Medicare

Sen. Rand Paul Budget Amendment, S.Amdt. 3150 to S.Con.Res. 14

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